Group Psychotherapy

Group therapy is an excellent addition to individual therapy – or a wonderful treatment on its own. 

Positive features of group therapy include:

  • Feeling accepted
  • Learning new information
  • Giving and receiving support
  • Knowing you are not alone
  • Practicing new behaviors in a safe space
  • Realizing others have had similar experiences

Groups Now Forming

Female partners of sex addicts: 
This group is an open-ended support group for women who have experienced a significant and acute relational trauma. We will use  a trauma lens to help you identify and manage triggers, think about ways to take care of yourself and conceptualize your reactions to your partner’s addiction from a safety-seeking perspective.  Provide support to others and receive support from them. This group will be limited to six members. Start date to be determined, currently interviewing group members.    

Positive body image :
This semi-structured support group is for women and men.  Using the transtheoretical model for change, group members will devise their own set of skills to develop and maintain body positivity and body respect.  Group members must be in recovery from an eating disorder or be in individual therapy.  This group is limited to eight people. Date and time to be determined. 

Please contact me if I can provide any additional information about these groups.